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Accidents and age can cause our teeth to become broken, cracked, or dislodged. Missing teeth can become the initial precursors to bone loss and soft tissue structure damage in your facial skeleton. Dental implants are a tooth replacement system that not only creates a beautiful, natural-looking smile but also maintains your jawbone’s natural shape and density. Remarkable Smiles is a dental implants dentist in Issaquah, WA focused on your family’s dental care. Benefits of dental implants include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Extremely high success rate
  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • The most reliable way to replace missing teeth
  • Natural-looking and -feeling
  • Strong and durable
  • Much easier to maintain than a conventional bridge

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are full-sized individual false teeth that are anchored directly into the jawline via a screw (as compared to dental crowns and veneers, which only cover existing teeth). Implants are typically used to replace damaged or missing teeth, as well as to correct any cosmetic issues a patient may have with his or her smile. A tooth implant may be made from a variety of materials, including ceramics, metal, metal alloys, and polymers.

When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

There are numerous reasons a patient may be interested in dental implants. Aesthetically, dental implants can be used to improve a person’s smile and overall facial appearance. For some, malformed teeth create speech and eating problems or can even cause significant discomfort. By correcting these issues, a person can drastically improve his or her health, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.

Dental implants are also a more permanent and natural-looking alternative to dentures for those with significant dental problems. It is not uncommon to replace multiple teeth with denture implant teeth—even if the patient requires a complete set of upper and lower teeth. As a result, the patient is given strong, long-lasting, and fully functional teeth that are much more cost-effective in the long run. Dental implants have been known to last up to 30 years and longer with the right dental care.

How Are Dental Implants Created and Implanted?

To create dental implants that will fit properly and look realistic, our Issaquah dentist at Remarkable Smiles must first take an impression of the patient’s teeth. Before these molds are made, the dentist may have a surgeon remove any damaged or malformed teeth and examine the patient’s jaw to ensure that it can take the implants. If not, the patient may need to undergo a bone grafting procedure to prepare the jaw for teeth implant surgery. Once the teeth to be replaced have been removed, and the jaw is fully healed from any grafting, the surgeon can then implant medical-grade metal posts into the jawbone where the new false teeth will be placed. The jaw must then recover from the post-implantation before the dentist can make molds of the patient’s teeth. These molds are then used to manufacture the dental prostheses from the desired material (this is typically done by sending the molds to an external manufacturing company). Once these prostheses are completed, they are placed over the previously-implanted posts.

Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

Because dental implants integrate with your jawbone, they are one of the best restorative options for patients concerned about the aesthetics of their smile. They look and feel natural for a comfortable fit. Modern dental technology makes tooth-colored and tooth-shaped dental implants a reality. But not only will your dental implants look natural, but they’ll also feel natural when you’re eating or speaking

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Are Dental Implants Safe? Are Implants Right for Me?

Dental implants are a safe, effective restorative option for patients of all ages. Dental implants can support a single tooth, a group of teeth, a full set of teeth, or even dentures. Anyone who’s experienced tooth loss because of decay, disease, or injury may be considered an ideal candidate for dental implants. However, we would have to examine your medical and dental history to see if you’re healthy enough for tooth extraction and if you have enough jawbone present to support them. We may recommend a bone grafting procedure or treatment for periodontal disease first for a higher chance of placement success.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Some insurance providers cover dental implants at least partially, although this will vary by plan and provider. The cost of dental implants depends on how many you need to be placed and what other procedures may be necessary (bone grafting, for instance). Please contact Remarkable Smiles to schedule a consultation to discuss financing your dental implants. We work with many insurance providers, including Aetna, Delta Dental, Cigna, MetLife, BlueCross BlueShield, Washington Dental Service, and more to see what’s covered.

Create a Beautiful, Natural Look with Dental Implants Today

Whether you’re meeting new people, posing for photos, or simply chatting with friends, your comfort with your smile can make all the difference. If you have damaged or missing teeth or want to improve your look, the experienced dentists at Remarkable Smiles can help you create a lasting, beautiful smile with a teeth implant procedure. A titanium implant replaces the root of your missing tooth, and a prosthetic crown is placed over the post for a replacement. Dental implants fuse to the bone over time and, once integrated, can last a lifetime. Call our staff at Remarkable Smiles of Issaquah, WA at (425) 391-0484 to replace missing teeth with a radiant smile!

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