Snap-On Veneers In Issaquah

The happiest times of our lives are marked by a great deal of smiling. When you’re self-conscious about your smile’s appearance, it can keep you from smiling so freely. Rather than go in for expensive surgical procedures, patients often choose the convenience of what’s known as a Snap-On Smile.

What Is a “Snap-On Smile?”

A “snap-on smile” is essentially a set of snap-on veneers used for closing gaps or spaces between teeth, covering unsightly crookedness or discoloration, and generally providing the look of a healthy, attractive smile. This removable solution is completely non-invasive and involves no surgery or pain, which makes it a great choice for patients who are averse to the idea of undergoing the knife and spending time in recovery.

Snap-on smiles are commonly used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic issues. Patients may use a Snap-On Smile for missing teeth, to cover tooth defects, to replace existing partial dentures, or simply to achieve a perfect “Hollywood” look. Because snap-do not involve any invasive procedures, they can generally be created in just a few short visits, giving patients a beautiful new smile (and a new level of confidence) in a few short weeks. Is there an upcoming wedding or other event you want to look great for without all of the drilling and hours on end in the dental chair? Consider a Snap-On Smile to tide you over until more definitive work can be completed.

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Using and Caring for Snap-On Smile

Just like your natural teeth, snap-ons can be worn while you eat and drink with no problem. Also like natural teeth, the piece—or “arch”—will need to be cleaned on a daily basis. The snap-ons should be removed at night (or whenever the patient can comfortably clean them) and should be carefully cleaned with specialized anti-bacterial cleaning products. Your dentist will likely be able to recommend an appropriate product to you.

After you first put in an arch of teeth, you may need to spend some time practicing talking, smiling, chewing, and doing other normal things with your new snap-ons. As with wearing glasses or getting acrylic nails, it should only take a short period to acclimate to the change. It’s important to note that snap-on veneers are susceptible to some breakage, so those who tend to grind or clench their teeth during the day may need to seek a different option.

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The Snap-On Smile Is an Affordable Solution

While standard porcelain veneers can cost anywhere from $925-$2,500 per tooth,¹ their snap-on counterparts are much more economical, at roughly $1000-3500 for an entire arch of upper or lower teeth.² With 32 total teeth in a normal human mouth, snap-ons offer an incredible savings of approximately $28,600-$76,500 for a full mouth of work!

At this point, you may be asking “how expensive is a Snap-On Smile?” After all, some dental procedures—especially those aimed at cosmetic concerns like covering crooked teeth or whitening discolored teeth—can be quite cost prohibitive. Fortunately, the answer to your question is that snap-on veneers are one of the most cost-effective solutions for the correction of all kinds of smile flaws.

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Create a Beautiful New Smile with Remarkable Smiles in Issaquah

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