• Positive Dentistry Experience for Child

    How to Help Your Young Child Have a Positive Dentistry Experience

    Visiting the dentist serving Issaquah for the first time can be scary as a child, but it’s imperative if you want to enjoy a lifetime of great oral health. However, you can bring your child to the family dental office in confidence as long as you prepare properly. It is always a good idea to […]

  • Caring for your Dental Implants

    Caring for Your Dental Implants

    Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? As your dentist will tell you, missing teeth can detract from your aesthetic appearance, and can also have a negative effect on your oral health. Dental implants in Issaquah are a permanent alternative to removable dentures and bridges, and have a number of benefits for your appearance […]

  • Dental Emergency Inman Aligners

    Spotlight on Inman Aligners

    When you look in the mirror or see yourself in photographs, do you find yourself wishing that your teeth were straighter? A straight smile can make you feel more confident about the way you look, and is also better for your oral health. If you’re considering braces in Issaquah, talk to your dentist about which treatment […]

  • Periodontal Disease

    The Importance of Dealing with Periodontal Disease

    Also referred to as gum disease, periodontal disease describes infections that affect structures around the teeth. If your dentist has diagnosed you with gum disease in Issaquah , there are several important reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this problem. Risks of Periodontal Disease When the structures that help hold your teeth in place are affected […]

  • Gingivitis - Gum Disease

    What is Gingivitis?

    Gingivitis, also called mild gum disease , is one of the most common dental conditions occurring in patients all over the United States. Dentists near Issaquah must combat gingivitis through educating patients on daily oral care and conducting dental cleanings and exams. Here is a brief look at what gingivitis is and how a dentist […]

  • Remarkable Smiles

    What We Value at Remarkable Smiles

    When you visit Remarkable Smiles , your dental facility in Issaquah, you will know you have stepped into a different kind of dental office. Dr. Jorgensen, the dentist who created Remarkable Smiles, and his accomplished staff believe in keeping their patients informed and 100% involved in their dental treatment. Remarkable Smiles is a family dental […]

  • Remarkable Smiles of Issaquah

    Why Athletes Need Mouthguards

    If you’re involved in sports, than a mouthguard could be one of your most important pieces of safety gear. Your dentist in Issaquah can create a custom mouthguard for you that is comfortable and protective. Watch this video to learn more. A mouthguard fits snugly over your teeth to protect them from everything from loose […]