How to Help Your Young Child Have a Positive Dentistry Experience

Positive Dentistry Experience for Child

Visiting the dentist serving Issaquah for the first time can be scary as a child, but it’s imperative if you want to enjoy a lifetime of great oral health. However, you can bring your child to the family dental office in confidence as long as you prepare properly. It is always a good idea to openly communicate with your child and talk about the appointment in advance. You can also talk to your dentist about silver diamine fluoride, but you’ll need to stay committed to visiting your dentist if you want your child to stay in proper health. Here is a quick look at how to help your young child have a positive dentistry experience.

The dentist having a look on small boy teeth in Issaquah, WA

Talk to Your Child

It’s always wise to discuss what’s going on with your child, and having a conversation about oral health can be a great idea before going in for your first few family dental visits. Your child may not fully understand the concepts of oral health and dental hygiene, but he or she may appreciate having some idea of what to expect when visiting the office. This will also give your child the opportunity to ask questions about the dentist in a more comfortable space, which can have a substantial impact on the experience.

Use Silver Diamine Fluoride

You’ll want your young child to be as comfortable as possible when visiting the dentist, and silver diamine fluoride may be of help. Young children are not always thrilled at the idea of addressing tooth decay and fixing cavities with dental fillings. Silver diamine fluoride aims to treat these issues without the use of traditional dental fillings, so your child can wait until he or she is older to go through the typical procedure.

Stay Committed

The memory of a young child is fleeting, but repeating the same scenario over and over will breed familiarity. If you want your young child to enjoy going to the dentist and having a great smile, make sure you go back on a regular basis. This continued exposure will be helpful in terms of comfort as well as oral health.