Common Questions About Invisalign Treatment


If you decide that Invisalign in Issaquah might be right for you, you will probably have a few questions regarding the treatment before you head to the dental office. You might be wondering if Invisalign treatment can be as successful as braces, how it works to reposition your teeth, and how you can make sure you get to keep enjoying your results. Your dentist can answer questions about your specific circumstances, but you can also read ahead for the answers to some common questions about Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign braces and brush for teeth

Is it just like braces?

In a sense, Invisalign is just like metal braces: it is a popular orthodontic treatment that will reposition your teeth so you can enjoy a more attractive smile and better oral health. In many other senses, however, Invisalign is nothing like traditional braces. Whereas braces use metal wires and brackets to move your teeth, Invisalign will do the same thing in a much more discreet fashion. Although the way the 2 work is different, Invisalign is capable of providing the same type of effective treatment as conventional braces. Thanks to Invisalign’s aligners, you can enjoy a more beautiful smile without any aesthetic setbacks during the procedure.

How does it work?

Rather than using rubber bands, brackets, and wires like traditional braces, Invisalign uses aligners. These are 2 clear trays made of plastic, and they are difficult to notice if you’re not looking for them. Countless people of all ages have sought Invisalign treatment because of this aesthetic discretion, and it has improved their self-esteem and their oral health at the same time. Your aligners will gradually shift your teeth to more functional positions. Be sure to visit your dentist every couple of weeks so you can receive your new set of aligners.

How do I maintain my results?

Invisalign seeks to reposition your teeth, but they won’t stay in their new, healthier positions of their own accord. Instead, you’ll be given a retainer to use. Regularly wearing this retainer will help to keep your teeth in their new, more functional and healthy positions and boost your oral health.