Steps to Take After a Tooth Is Knocked Out

Knocked Out Tooth

Having an adult tooth knocked out of your mouth can be a shock, but our dentist serving Issaquah might be able to save the tooth. Before you worry about getting to the dental office, make sure you handle your displaced tooth carefully. You’ll need to store it in a safe place and call your dentist in order to find out when you can meet him. Keep reading for more on the steps to take after a tooth is knocked out.

The dentist checking the root on teeth for patient at Issaquah, WA

Handle with Care

The sensation of having your tooth knocked out is not the most comfortable one, but it can happen to anyone. You’ll need to clean it off if it is knocked to the floor, but it’s crucial that you handle the tooth properly. Make sure you pick up the tooth by the crown and not the root; this means handling the tooth by the surface that you see instead of the side that is normally buried within your gums. Injuring the root makes it more difficult for your dentist to reinsert the tooth, so hold your tooth by the crown while you rinse it off with water.

Store the Tooth

In some cases, you can actually replace your tooth by carefully and gently positioning it back in its socket. Quickly clean off the tooth and place it back in its socket, and then slowly bite down. Sometimes this will be enough to keep the tooth in place, but keep in mind that this is not always the case. In the event that this doesn’t work, you will need to keep the tooth moist. Store your tooth in a glass of milk, next to your cheek in your mouth, or in a tooth preservation kit.

See Your Dentist

A knocked-out tooth is often considered a dental emergency, so see your emergency dentist as soon as you can. It’s helpful to see a dental health professional within half an hour of losing the tooth, and remember to bring it with you to the appointment. Your dentist can then determine whether or not the tooth can be saved.