Reasons to Consider Invisalign for Your Smile

Invisalign Benefits

Patients are selecting Invisalign treatment in Issaquah more frequently than ever before. This treatment offers many of the same benefits as traditional braces, and it gives patients greater control over the state of their orthodontic health. When considering whether Invisalign is the option for you, keep a few of these great benefits in mind:  Invisalign treatment in Issaquah

You want a more convenient orthodontic experience.

Invisalign is being embraced as a more convenient way to wear braces. The removable aligners allow wearers the ability to eat and drink exactly what they want. Patients can continue a healthy oral routine without difficulty. With Invisalign’s clear aligners, patients can go about their day without any of the restrictions associated with traditional braces. They can simply remove the aligners when they eat, drink, and brush their teeth. Once they are finished, they can replace the aligners over their teeth, and resume their business. Patients are still able to drink water, whether the aligners are in place or not.

You lead a busy lifestyle.

When patients wear traditional braces, they usually see their orthodontist once a month or every 6 weeks. The appointment often includes wire adjustments, restoring broken brackets, and other time-consuming procedures. On top of these many appointments, traditional braces must typically be worn for 18 months or more, depending on the severity of the orthodontic condition. With Invisalign, patients will still see their orthodontist and dentist, but the treatment time can be much shorter, and individual checkups are not always as long.

You are embarrassed to wear traditional braces.

This is a significant advantage in today’s socially oriented world. Many adults and teenagers are very embarrassed to wear traditional braces. The metal wires and brackets feel clunky and large in their mouths, and patients may constantly feel like their smile is on display. By choosing Invisalign, patients can wear near-invisible, plastic aligners that no one will be able to notice. Their teeth will be quickly and efficiently straightened, and their smile will be restored. This can all be achieved without the embarrassing presence of traditional metal braces.