An Introduction to Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges Introduction

When a patient has one or more missing teeth, his or her dentist may recommend a dental bridge near Issaquah. Dental bridges are a necessary part of restorative dental care, because they can help a patient speak, eat, and smile properly.

As seen in the short “Dental Minute” video, dental bridges can come in one of two restorations: fixed and removable. The fixed dental bridge will be cemented into the mouth between two other natural teeth to replace the missing one. A removable dental bridge can be used in place of a fixed bridge, either for health or expense reasons, but it is likelier to break sooner than a fixed bridge. A dentist may suggest one bridge over another according to a patient’s oral and dental health. An alternative to a bridge is a dental implant. Although sometimes a bit more costly, its

advantage is that it can be cared for as easily as a natural tooth.