Getting Your Kids Ready for Back to School

Dental Checkup for Kids

School is right around the corner, and your kids need to be ready in more ways than one. While they have the time off school, be sure to visit your kids’ dentist in Issaquah . Your kids can have a checkup, and the whole family can learn about better hygiene from their dental hygienist. Small kids posing like a dental doctor at Issaquah, WA

Pack teeth-friendly foods.

Once your kids are back in school, they may not have the easy access to the refrigerator and pantry like they did during the summer. Instead of giving them lunch money to buy candies, sodas, and unhealthy school lunches, teach them about teeth-friendly foods to pack in their lunchboxes. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, like apples, carrots, and celery, are great snacks that do not require a cold pack in the lunchbox. You can also send your children off to school with cheese and yogurt. These foods are high in calcium and protein, which are the perfect combination for strong and healthy teeth.

Consider a mouth guard.

With the beginning of school usually comes physical education class and plenty of afterschool sports. Encourage your kids to participate in these activities because they offer great avenues in socialization and healthy exercise. You should also encourage them to wear a mouth guard. Even if they play a non-contact sport, such as tennis or volleyball, they run the risk of being hit in the mouth by a flying ball or player. By getting a custom mouth guard from your dentist, you ensure their teeth will be protected at all times.

Incorporate dental hygiene into a busy schedule.

Your kids are probably going to come home with homework, book reports, and science projects over the first few weeks of school. Though these educational tools are important, they should not get in the way of a healthy dental hygiene routine. Make sure they are waking up with enough time to brush their teeth before school, and remind them to brush their teeth before bed. This is crucial to help them avoid gum disease and tooth decay.