Sounding the Alarm for Dental Emergencies

How do you know when a dental injury constitutes a dental emergency? There are some instances in which emergency dental care is necessary to save a tooth and prevent further damage, while other acute dental needs can be handled with an urgent appointment. For instance, if you knock out a tooth or have a loose tooth, call your dentist any time—even after hours—for emergency dentistry care. On the other hand, if you lose a filling, you can generally wait to call for an appointment during office hours. Most dentists save space in their daily schedules for these urgent needs. Find out when to call an emergency dentist in this infographic from Remarkable Smiles at Modern Family Dentistry of Issaquah. We offer emergency dentistry near Issaquah when you need it most, as well as a comprehensive range of cosmetic and general dentistry services. Dental emergencies are common, so please help us spread the word about the best ways to get treatment.

Emergency Dentist Infographic