The Importance of Fluoride in Your Child’s Dental Health

Dentist checking on small girl teeth at Issaquah, WA

Oral health for children

When it comes to oral health for children, there is one thing that stands out together with brushing and flossing – and that’s fluoride. Found in a wide variety of plants, this mineral is often added into your water supply to ensure everyone gets a healthy dose.

Fluoride helps teeth fight tooth decay in three very important ways:

• While teeth are growing, it helps strengthen the developing enamel.

• If your teeth have very early stage tooth decay, fluoride helps to repair the damage.

• When fluoride is present on your teeth, the bacteria that causes tooth decay produce less plaque, reducing decay.

As a result, topical fluoride is especially important for children between 6 months and 16 years old whose teeth are still growing, as developing strong enamel at an early age helps to build a lifetime of great oral health.

It is because of this that fluoride treatments from your children’s dentist should be included on a regular schedule, especially when your child’s permanent teeth are coming in. This treatment involves a concentrated, gel-like substance that is applied to his or her teeth – it’s a completely comfortable process that gives your child’s oral health a great boost. New application methods now allow rinsing and eating right afterwards.