• The Laser Dentistry Confusion

    Laser dentistry is the latest in dental technology. There are endless uses, and the benefits are significant. But is it genuinely worth it or just a gimmick? Read on to find out why laser dentistry is the way forward for a healthy, happy smile. What Is Laser Dentistry Used For? There are many uses for […]

  • Get Lumineers for Perfect Teeth in 2013

    Lumineers is the best solution to a radiant and perfect smile for 2013! In the past, the only way to get that perfect Hollywood smile was with Porcelain veneers. Although porcelain veneers have their merits, some people are put off by the idea of visits to the orthodontist and the procedures that go with getting […]

  • Three Temporary Dental Tips for Emergencies

    Dental emergencies certainly don’t limit themselves to convenient business hours. No one wants to make the emergency dentist trip, but sometimes it is inevitable. The beginning of a new year is time to buckle down, get your kids back into a routine and involved in new activities, but unfortunately dental emergencies can occur at any […]