Teeth Whitening Means Fighting Stains & Genetics

Can you control the whiteness of your teeth? Yes and no. Learn what our teeth whitening expert in Issaquah has discovered.

Some blame it all on coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco, while others swear they’ve rarely indulged and still lack dental whiteness. Why is that?

Whitening teeth of girl in Issaquah, WA The visible portion of a tooth is made up of a highly mineralized substance called enamel. This enamel is semi-translucent, allowing underlying dentin to strongly affect the perceived color of the tooth. Genetics determines where you fall in the dentin color-wheel. It ranges from light yellow all the way to grayish white. So coffee, tea, tobacco and other staining elements aside, your battle for bright white teeth started at birth.

If your natural undertone happens to be yellow, you can expect a high level of whitening success through professional whitening products. Those whose genetics served them up a brownish or gray undertone have a far greater challenge in reaching truly dramatic whitening results, or so says the American Dental Association.

Our experienced dental team at Remarkable Smiles at Modern Family Dentistry of Issaquah can provide an evaluation that will ensure you’re matched to the best possible whitening product and procedure for your circumstance.

For teeth truly “stained” by life’s products, and not life itself, the solution lays in our hands as well. Visit our teeth whitening experts of Issaquah today to learn more!