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What Your Emergency Dentist Can Do About Your Toothache

When a toothache occurs, either over the weekend or late at night, patients may need to call their emergency dentist serving Issaquah. There are several solutions that an emergency dentist can offer when a patient comes in with a severe toothache. These solutions, such as medications and extractions, can help bring much-needed relief to patients with toothaches. tooth - ache

Diagnose the Problem

Many patients feel most frustrated when they do not know the cause of a toothache. They may have eaten something that caused pain or woken up with swelling and horrible pain. No matter the type of pain, if it does not go away, there may be a serious underlying cause as well as extreme discomfort for the patient. An emergency dentist can take X-rays and do a dental exam to locate the source of the toothache. Once patients know the source of their pain, they can better decide how they wish to proceed.

Suggest Treatment Solutions

Depending on the reason for the toothache, dentists will suggest different treatment options. If the patient has a root canal infection, then the dentist will usually suggest root canal therapy to be done at a later date. In the event the toothache is from a lost dental crown or filling, the dentist may be able to correct the problem temporarily until a custom crown can be made. Some toothaches may be a result of an abscess, which may need to be addressed immediately. The dentist will discuss the various options in accordance with the diagnosis.

Prescribe Medications

Emergency dentists may also need to prescribe certain medications based on the patient’s toothache diagnosis. Often, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and pain relievers will suffice. However, in the case of an infection, the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to begin the healing process as soon as possible.
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